Welcome to Chorum Records

Chorum Records was created by Steve Swinden as a specialist facility for recording choirs. That can be everything from a cathedral choir to a community choir – all sizes, all types of repertoire, all standards and all ages. Whatever the choir, one of the things people always comment on is the value of the recording experience; Steve works with musical directors and singers to bring out the very best a choir can offer. After all, a CD should be a true reflection of everything a choir is capable of.

It’s not just for choirs, though. Steve also receives excellent reviews for instrumental recordings: chamber music, organ and brass for example.

Chorum Records is a label in its own right but you will also see Steve’s name on other labels, often as editor, engineer or producer. These incude: EM Records, Herald, OxRecs Digital, MSR Classics (USA), Naxos, Regent and Somm, plus some private publications.

Steve is sometimes asked to record live events.